Can someone take a look at my final python2 project

I have created a lyrics creator. It fetches all lyrics of Taylor Swift (bands or artists can be changed but Taylor Swift is what I have hard coded right now) songs and creates a new song out of it. Since it is using webscrapper, the website from where the data is collected blocks your IP after seeing many incoming fetch requests in a very short interval, which essentially means two things- your database of songs won’t have every single song(but plenty of them nevertheless) and you can only use this once every 24 hour after which the ban is apparently lifted. I had the luxury of multiple IPs at my disposable and so was able to get this built and tested countless times. I could have tried using APIs instead but I wanted to see how web scrapping works.

All feed backs are welcomed and I’d highly appreciate if some one could guide me what to do next from here onwards.

PS: This link where learners are supposed to showcase their work isn’t working which is why I decided to post it here.

Hi there… Looks like you left the default template in place. Could you update your post to include the details of your specific question? :slight_smile: