Can someone point out what i did wrong here?


secret_identities = {
"The Batman" => "Bruce Wayne",
"Superman" => "Clark Kent",
"Wonder Woman" => "Diana Prince",
"Freakazoid" => "Dexter Douglas"

i put this down.

secret_identities.each { |x, y| puts "#{x} : #{y}" }

Replace this line with your code.


What error message are you getting?

It shouldn't matter, but sometimes the SCT looks for exact pattern match:

    secret_identities.each { |x, y| puts "#{x} : #{y}" }

could also be written,

    secret_identities.each { |x, y| puts "#{x}: #{y}" }

Alternately, instead of a block, try,

secret_identities.each do |hero,name|
  puts "#{hero}: #{name}"


hi, yes the colon was in the wrong spot this sights silly thank you for your response


If somebody is dyslexic can still learn code? At times a comma or a full stop disappear during reading


I have dyslexia but work hard to overcome it. It does slow down reading and writing, though. We just have to pay closer attention, which is never a bad thing.