Can someone help with lesson 4


Can't do number 4. Can someone please help me.


They're asking you to make a condition False or True

You can use the < (less than), > (greater than), <= (less than or equal to) or >= (greater than or equal to), != (not equal to) and the == (equal to), these are all called comparators

you can look at either side of the equation as A and B,
if you put,

var = A (comparitor) B #this is not real code, just an explanation

You just need to ask yourself, what number should I substitute A and B with for my comparator to return "True" or "False"

for example if I put,

1 > 2 #this would be false (because one is not greater than two)

or If I put

5 != 5 #this would return false (because 5 is equal to 5)

but If I put,

5 ==5 # this would return true (because 5 is equal to 5)