Can someone help me with this problem? I am having trouble with Ordered Lists in HTML

On line 8, we begin the ordered list with the opening tag

    On lines 9 – 11, we wrap (i.e. surround) each individual item with
  1. and
  2. tags.
    Because each listed item is only on one line, we put the entire element on one line.
    On line 13, we finish the ordered list with the closing tag
How cool is this? We can now add ordered lists to headings and paragraphs as things we can use in our HTML body.
On line 14, create an

sized heading called ‘List of things I find just OK’.
Starting on line 15, create an ordered list using the
    Your ordered list should have three items, each wrapped (i.e. surrounded) by
  1. tags.

please format your code by highlighting it, and clicking this button . this way then we can read your code better making it easier for us to help you :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to figure out how to use the forum lol. Thanks for the tip, I uploaded a picture instead :slight_smile:

It is generally best to copy and paster your physical code as people can take it and test it :slight_smile:

Are you getting a reference error?

Oops, try again. Make sure you add your second ordered list using

<ol> </ol>

could I see a link to the exercise?

As far as I can see your code is fine; have you tried refreshing the page?

Yes, but I’m still receiving the same error message

At the line 15 i think you write o1 not ol

I think that that is just the font for the interface.

I would probably report it as a bug. I’m not completely positive, but I can’s see any visible typos or errors.

No… It’s not the font… Look at the second opening ol… It’s different from the first one

Thank you both for your help, you are right konaesan It was definitely ol.

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