Can someone help me with html tag keyboard shortcuts

I need help with HTML tags, I know this sounds ridiculous but I need help to find the shortcut of this <>
note: I’m a newbie in HTML

You mean the combination of keys which which must be pressed on a keyboard in order to produce those characters?

Apologies if this isn’t the case. For US & UK keyboards I believe the normal keypress is Shift , and Shift .
That is, hold the Shift key down and press , for the < and . for the >.

However, the answer might differ a bit depending on your keyboard. Different countries often use a different layout and even within that layout individual keyboards often implement their own minor changes. You may need to check a country specific layout if keypresses above don’t work.

well, my keyboard is french, but I tried what did you said and it didn’t work with me so shall change my keyboard?

That shouldn’t be necessary. You just need to find the right combination, I’ve only ever used a faux-french keyboard so I’m not 100% sure what you need. Have a look for some examples/guidance online-

It seems to appear just to the left of the W key (near lower left) on the standard layout but yours might not necessarily match that.