Can someone help me with adding the Unordered list?

Animals Around the World

The Brown Bear

The brown bear (Ursus arctos) is native to parts of northern Eurasia and North America. Its conservation status is currently "Least Concern." There are many subspecies within the brown bear species, including the Atlas bear and the Himalayan brown bear.

The following are subspecies of bears:

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use this tag < ul> and under it add < li> then close it like so < li/> do the same for the < ul> and remove spaces from these tags

It looks like this

  • apples

  • bananas

  • pears

well I wasn’t expecting it to actually code it for me. I was attempting to show you the code form of it.

hi, I tried to do this, and did exacly what you said and what was in the example of how to do it and it should be right but it’s saying that it’s wrong and keeps asking if i added it to the page???
I don’t understand what im doing wrong.

  • it should be like this right?

    Your code should look like this to form a list:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
    		<title>Unordered Lists</title>
            <h1>Some random thoughts</h1>
                        <li>I wonder what is for lunch...</li>

    To type code in your replies and topics to look like mine above, use three back ticks ( ``` ) one line above the code you type and one line below. If you do not use back ticks it will automatically run the code. See How do I format code in my posts?

    what is 12/15?

    What do you mean? Please be more specific.

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