Can someone help me shorten the statements in this code from 18 to 15


can anyone help me shorten the statements in this or simplfy it im currently using 18 statements and need to get it down to 15

def main():
    input_1 = input("Site ID? ")
    input_2 = input("Site name? ")
    input_3 = input("wind Level? ")
    input_4 = input("vehicle counts? ")
    word = (input_1 + ": " + input_2 + " (Wind=" +(input_3) + ")")
    vehicle_count = input_4.split(" ")
    count_total = len(vehicle_count)
    print("Number of days entered: " + str(count_total))
    numlist = [int(x) for x in vehicle_count]
    sumlist = sum(numlist)
    print("Total vehicles: "+ str(sumlist))
    avglist = sum(numlist) / float(len(numlist)) 
    round(avglist, 1)
    print("Average vehicles/day: " + str(avglist))
    total_count = sum(i > 9999 for i in numlist)
    print("Number of busy days: " + str(total_count))

Please leave the following link in the post so we can find the unit module, else replace it with a link to the exact lesson:

Strings and Console Output


you should answer ionatan in the previous topic, he is right. Its how i got to a single equal sign, using dictionaries.

this code is much vaguer what needs doing, what needs doing? Your teacher really has done a poor job, can’t you ask your fellow classmates?


its okay i solved it sorry


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