Can someone help me PLEASE? Thank in advance!


I have done the problem by calculate the a^10 in the fewest line of code.
I also do '5**6' but here is the problem when i run my code.

The message is:
Oops, try again. Make sure to do at least one math calculation in the editor!
means that i haven't done any math calculate yet!Why?Can someone explain?

a = 2
b = a * a
a = b * a
b = a * b
a = b * b
c = 5 ** 6
print a


You are not actually doing a math calculation, you're assigning it to a variable. Honestly, all you have to do is something random like 1 + 1 in the editor and your lesson is complete.


As a matter of fact all of these are mathematical calculations, but the variables must be defined! :wink:

So you must give variables a & b something else than a, b, like
a = 10
b = 1

Also you must remove all of these a = a * b things because of a is already defined, and also you don't need that much calculations so remove a few.

Can you post a link to the exercise, because of we don't know that where you are stuck at.


just type math calculations.

1 + 1

2 * 3


@papusalaatti Actually, the code in the original post works fine, since none of the variables reference themselves in their creation:

a = 10
# b = 10 * 10 (100)
b = a * a
# c = b (100) * a (10)
c = b * a # 1000

The reason their code isn't being passed is because, like @kyleaw said, the exercise is looking for you to write a math calculation, not a number stored in a variable (even if the variable involves calculations).


OH thank you zeke. I was thinking about it by very wrong way, eh :no_mouth:


Thank you for your help! Very nice!


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