Can someone help me? I'm new to this website


I’m new here but I want to make a program of my own using any sort of code language that I want but I don’t know how to change it. Can someone please tell me how to change the code language? Because the only option that I have is HTML and I want to use SQL and other languages.


knew is the past tense of know. You are new here, aye

codecademy has both an SQL course:

and html + css course:

combined with server side language (there are several), you can make your own website with database


Thank you but I want to make a SQL program from scratch and I don’t know how to do that because it only gives me the option of making a HTML webpage from scratch.


Define SQL program from scratch, you want to write a database and the associated query language from scratch? Good luck, that is very difficult

You can use SQL to query a database, i would just use a database (mysql for example) and PHP to make your website have a database