Can someone help me figure out what's wrong with my code? (Python)

Since I’ pretty bad at this and I’m pretty sure I’m just being really dumb I can’t find/understand what’s wrong with my code here for just some practice for what I want to try making.
Here is my code so far:

text = ‘hi!’

if text = ‘hi’ print(‘Hello friend!’)
print ‘Who are you?’

if text = 'hi' has two problems, after the if condition there should be colon, just like else. but for if, it should be placed after the condition, not the if keyword

also, a single equal sign means assign value to variable, which for a condition isn’t great, use two equal signs to see if text variable equals 'hi' string

I fixed it. I think you needed two equal signs in the (if text == “hi”)

text = “hi!”

if text == “hi”:
print(“Hello friend!”)

print (“Who are you?”)