Can someone explain why this is not logging 'Payment Processed'

const card = 12345678901234;

let cardVerify;

let payment = ${cardVerify};

let adSpace = ‘available’;

let decline = ‘There was a problem with your payment’;

let processor = ‘Payment Processed’;

if (card.length = 14) {return cardVerify = true} else {return cardVerify = false};

if (adSpace === ‘available’ && payment === true) {console.log(processor)}

else {console.log(decline)};

Hi There @ecarsales0126158896

I’ll try giving it a go and get back to you soon :slight_smile:
Is it a personal project or is it one of codecademy’s lessons?

There’s a typo there. You don’t want to use a single = when you are making comparisons.


Just expanding on @irlfede here:

You want to use three equals.