Can someone explain what I did wrong?

I know I did something wrong here I just can’t seem to figure out what. I have looked at my notes and tried this same project about 4 times. If anyone can give me feedback I would appreciate it. I don’t want to move on until I have this correct.

Hello, @digital4864300816, and welcome to the forums.

When you want to print the value a variable has been assigned to, you don’t put the name of the variable inside quotation marks. Consider:

my_value = 10
print("my_value") #Python doesn't see this as the variable named my_value. It's just a string literal.
#prints: my_value
#prints: 10
print("My value is", my_value)
#prints: My value is 10

Later, you’ll learn a few other ways to include the values assigned to variables in string output.