Can someone explain this error?


Error Message: Did you write a console.log with the variable mailBoxNumber in it after the myApartment function?

This is my code:

var laundryRoom = 'Basement';
var mailRoom = 'Room 1A';

function myApartment () {
var mailBoxNumber = 'Box 3';
var laundryRoom = 'In-unit';
console.log('Mail box: ' + mailBoxNumber + ', Laundry:' + laundryRoom);




The variable named mailBoxNumber outside of function is undefined.
for more details check here

now remove that should call the function by function name


though i didnt do that lesson.can you please give me the lesson link so i can see that


Here is the link. I understand that the variable exists only inside inside the function. That was the whole point of the lesson. Tell me I'm crazy, but Codecademy won't let me move on because I can't get past instruction number 4.


function myApartment () {

remove space between myApartment and () then try :slight_smile:
should be



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