Can someone explain how to take a screen shot?

I would like for someone to explain to me how to take a screen shot so I can put my code the way it is in the editor.

How to insert code into a post

You should insert the code as its easier too work with.


Please don’t post screenshot, rather use the instructions provided by zainabrawat.

There should be a prtsc (print screen) button on your keyboard, in windows by default this will copy the screenshot to your clipboard, open paint, paste the print screen in paint, and save the image, upload it here. But we much rather have, you copy and paste your code to the forum, format it is so we can see it, is easier for both of us


The earlier suggestions of posting code so that helpers can copy/paste/test it are true.

Sometimes though, we do need to see a screenshot. It mostly depends on the sort of problem you are reporting. Some courses are better candidates for screenshots than others.

If you tell me your operating system, I will tell you how to take a screenshot.