Can someone clarify please?


Sorry, but what is the point of converting pi into a string? Won't print(pi) give the exact same result as print(str(pi))


There is a difference.


x = "3" #x is a string here
y  = 3   # y is a number here

#when you do this..

print x # it will print 3
print y #it will print 3

so it means that both are Equal?
when print acts on string values ,It omits the quotes and just prints it.

when we do this..

x = 3
x = str(3)

then it means that we're making 3 a string.
Its no more a number but a string"3".
so str() converts a number 3 (int value) into a string value "3"


Hey there thank you for the quick reply. So basically, in your case, on paper, print will produce the same result for x and y. But in actual fact, they are of different variable types?


Yup! print is just for representation.
and both (x,y) are still different data types.


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