Can someone change the example in 11/13?


Hello, I’d like to ask if it is at all possible for someone to change the example image in exercise 11/13.

In the example, the line of code, “int tires = myFastCar.numberOfTires();” with “myFastCar.numberOfTires();” being printed on the line below. I find issue with this as it made the code unnecessarily confusing to me. Up until this exercise “int” has been used with numbers almost exclusively. So when I was faced with “int tires =” and a blank space, I was, hopefully, understandably confused. This not being the first time I was left to my own devices on filling in necessary numbers, I added my own and moved on.

This left my code outputting the wanted result but being technically incorrect and unsatisfactory to the given instructions. It took me resetting my code, losing my comments, and using the ‘get code’ to find the issue I was having and would like to make sure that my successors will not fall to the same fate.

So I implore you to swap the example image for one with the given code existing on one line so that no such mistake will be made again.


Implore at your leisure, so long as you provide a followable link to the page that presents with this error.


I did, it’s hyperlinked to “11/13” but that doesn’t matter. The image isn’t an image, it’s an actual block with code that changes the size and line length with the panel. There’s no need to change anything, I was just being a dunkoff. Sorry for any trouble.


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