Can someone be kind enough to write a suitable code for python from this scenario? Thanks!

Fergus is creating a quiz that tests students’ knowledge topics*, such as:
- History
- Music
- Computer Science.

Students must register before they can take the quiz, choosing a unique username and a password for the account. The username and password are saved into an external file. They must then enter the following details about themselves:

  • Name
  • Age
    -Year Group.

A student can choose which topic they want to answer a series of questions on. The student can then choose a difficulty rating on ‘Easy’, ‘Medium’ or ‘Hard’. Each question will have a set of possible answers that the user can choose from. The number of answers the students chooses from changes based on the difficulty of the quiz. The user must select an answer to a question before the next question is displayed.

At the end of the quiz, the game will output the number of questions they got correct and a grade depending on the percentage of questions the user has got correct. You must create a suitable grade system, and the percentages needed to achieve each grade. There must be at least four possible grades.

The program stores information about every quiz each student has taken, including the topic, score and difficulty rating.

Analyse the requirements for this system and design, develop, tests and evaluate a program that:

  1. creates a unique username for each user. The username is made up from the first 3 letters of their name and their age. E.g. Gemma Smith, age 17 would have a username of ‘Gem17’. It then asks the user to enter a password for their account.
  2. stores the username and password of the user, the details about each user, and the topic, score and difficulty rating of all quizzes each student has taken. These do not have to be stored in the same file.
  3. allows a user to select a topic and difficulty rating (Easy, Medium or Hard) and asks five questions on that topic:
  4.     a. ‘Easy’ mode has a choice of two answers for each question
  5.     b. ‘Medium’ mode has a choice of three answers for each question 
  6.     c. ‘Hard’ mode has a choice of four answers for each question.
  7. loads the questions and answers from a file stored externally to the game.
  8. displays the user’s score, percentage and grade achieved for that quiz.
  9. gives Fergus the option to generate and output the following reports:
  10.     a. a report that allows Fergus to choose a username, and outputs all of the quizzes that they have taken, and the grade for each of those quizzes.
  11.     b. a report that outputs for a selected topic and difficulty: the average score achieved, the highest score achieved, and the user details of the person that achieved the highest score.

*The system only needs to be tested using two topics.

I hate to break it to you, but we are not going to sit here and write your entire program for you, as that’s not our job; It’s yours. Now, we can help you write it, by answering questions you may have or clearing up confusion about a coding concept, etc. But, ultimately you still have to be the one to do it. Otherwise, how would you learn anything?


What you ask here, is exactly what developers do all day, for which they get paid. Writing such a program takes time.

There are plenty of people on the forum who can help you write the program, or in case if you get stuck help you further, but you are expected to write the program

If this is not what you are looking, find a platform where you can hire a developer


This is either a college assignment or an employer interview question. In neither case would we be justified to help. As mentioned earlier, concepts could be explained and demonstrated, but only after you have laid out your design and come up with some working code.


Hi! Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, admittedly this is for my GCSE coursework and I’m in my last year at school. I acknowledge the fact that you’re not allowed to write out the whole solution of the code but this is worth nearly the entire section of my coursework and unfortunately, as a class, we have been poorly taught programming at school and although this may be seen ‘cheating’, I honestly need someone to help me with the programming. Nevertheless, I could be explaining all day long as to why I’m ‘cheating’ but I’m doing it for the grade and not for the learning as I am very regretful with my decision of taking Computer Science for GCSE.

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Do you know anyone who can help me write the programme for me immediately? I cannot be anymore frank with you and I’m going to say this to you as briefly as possible: I need help immediately!

mtf gives a good summary of what we can’t and can do:

So there is your choice, i have no other ideas of other platforms which you could resort to. That would be up to you


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