Can somebody teach me how to make table in html in some different manner?


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can anyone teach me tables in html in some different manner?


What do you mean by different manners? The question is vague, please clarify


I mean Like in some easy way.
Because im getting very much confused in creating rows and columns correctly.
And im not getting clearly what i should do to get correct ans.

Different manner means in some easy way if you like to teach me.


well, you have a table:


inside the table you can have rows:


and inside the rows you can have one or more cells:


there is a pattern, do you see it? There is not really a different way. If you are stuck on the exercise, post your code so we can see where you are stuck

Ever worked with office excel? Those also are rows which contain cells


what is the differance between <th> and <thead> ? is the <thead> tag specially for a table header?


thead is just to indicate a section, th are special cell tags, normally you have <td></td>, but for the table head section you have special tags (<th></th>)