Can some1 explain me what that part in the bottom does?


var list = function (name) {
for (var key in friends) {
var search = function (name) {
for (var key in friends){
if(friends[key].firstName = name){
return friends[key];
Mainly i would like for (var key in friends) to be explained... i mean what does it do? =.= Change like the name of variable friends?


did you take the course from the beginning? if not try to go through each module. All the questions you ask have been taught


Yeah... and i didnt get it when they explained it in the middle to be honest. =.=


w3schools should give you a fast briefing on it


for-in loops


Wayy to complicated for me. Do you happen to know the part where for in loops were introtuced? o.o If no than... all I can hope is for them to start making sense in the long run.