Can some tell me why I am wrong?


This is what it asked to do. Print the concatenated strings "Spam ", "and ", "eggs" on line 3
this is that I wrote.
print "Spam" + "and" + "eggs"
But it says Oops, try again. It looks like you printed "Spameggs" instead of "Spam and eggs". Therefor can someone tell me how to do it properly.


you have to put:
print "Spam " + "and " + "eggs"


Thanks it worked. But can you tell me what I did wrong or what you did different.


you needed to have the spaces after the words, he had "spam " and you had "spam"
the result of his would have been "spam and eggs" and yours just "spamandeggs"
its just the lesson being picky, if it didnt have to turn out exactly how the lesson wanted it to, it would have been fine


thanks for telling me what i did wrong.