Can some one help with 8/14


Exercise project : Innovation Cloud

at section: Add a controller and routes

Generate a controller named Signups.
We've prepared a controller named Pages in app/controllers/pages_controller.rb that has a action named thanks.

In the routes file, map the request for the url /thanks to Pages controller's thanks action. We'll use this route later.

As mentioned in 7th point, i did generate controller Singups and stuck with 8 steps. I don't understand what it means, they are saying that we've prepared a controller named Pages, but no where in above steps in this project, they asked to generated a controller named Pages. when i open the project file browsing tree, i don't see the file called pages_controller.rb under app/controllers. Its confusing, can someone help to me understand this?

Thanks in advance



What's the exact command you entered? According to your post, you did:

$ generate controller Singups

but I'm not sure if that's a typo or if you copy/pasted it from the terminal.
The command they're looking for you to enter is

$ rails generate controller Signups

(with rails at the beginning and the spelling of Signups fixed)
I think Codecademy is waiting for you to add the Signups controller before generating their Pages controller. Once you add the Signups controller, you can run

$ rails del controller Singups

to delete your controller with the typo in it.

I hope this helps! :)


Hello Zystvan,

Thanks for your response.

I tried as suggested, but no luck. I still don't see Pages controller, seems they are not generating.

here is the command i used: rails generate controller Signups


Sorry, in that case I don't think I can help you : /
Please visit the Help page


Are you sure you looked in app/controllers/ for pages_controller.rb? Have you ensured you have completed steps 1-7 correctly? I have the file in my tree.

If so, I'd try to go back to the course page and re-enter the project to see if it changes.

For instance, you need to "cd" into the project folder, run "bundle install" and restart server every time you leave project page or being inactive for a longer period.