Can some help me figure out where to put it?


The h2 heading for the Mystwood Publishing website would be more impressive if its font size were larger.

In main.css, locate the h2 selector and set font-size to 48px.

Click Run and notice how the size of the heading increases in the web browser.


Can you show me your HTML and CSS and we can help you..



@hmendez71 Could you show us your CSS too? :slightly_smiling:


Sorry i don't know what that is i just started today


@hmendez71 In your code, you have 2 pages. One is called HTML (the one that says index.html) and the other is CSS (the one that says main.css). Click on main.css, screenshot it, or copy it, then send it to us here so we can help you :slightly_smiling:



Okay, you see where it says

h2 {
  font-size: 32px;

Change "32px" to "48px".


omg thank you so much!


You're welcome! Have fun! And let us know if you have anymore questions, and someone will be glad to help you :slightly_smiling: