Can Python programming will suit for Windows System Administrator


I am working as Windows System Administrator with an experience of 7 Years, i am planning to do some scripting language, i thought of doing powershell but few of my friend suggested to either go for Powershell or Python, i researched little about python i got very much interested to pursue.
But i am quite confused if a System Admin With windows background experience can do programming language?
I am in seek of upgrading my skill and move to next level in my carrier, if i do python can i automate windows daily tasks and integrate the coding with other applications like MS office and SQL Servers etc? I know powershell is much suited choice for Windows Automating, i find interest in Python as it is a developing language and there may be the chance in future for being in programming side too.
Is i am perception right? doing Python with Windows System Admin background will work out for me?
You’re suggestion are highly appreciated and thank!!


I suppose it all depends on how you want to move forward.

If you want to stay in a Windows administration career path, I would absolutely go with Powershell. It is a satisfying, easy to learn hard to master, monster of a scripting language. So much potential and usability in a Windows environment.
I’ve heard it can be used in a linux environment, but I’ve not tried this myself (it was designed for Windows automation after all!).

Microsoft is in it for the long haul with PowerShell. If this is the way you think you’ll be staying in your career, Powershell will be invaluable moving forward.

Python is just as applicable, but not as easy to learn. I understand as well you may run into ‘different’ issues when trying to deploy scripts or applications with Python. I say different as there are some barriers in the way of pushing out scripts with PowerShell as well.

Make a decision in which way you want to go, but know that PowerShell is invaluable going forward and is only getting more and more implementation and support from Microsoft.


Yes, Python is important for your knowledge in coding, but what I’d suggest also is C++.

Once you’ve got the fundamentals of Python, try C++. It’s an object-oriented language, which is quite powerful.

What I’d say would suite you as an adminstrator would be C++. Definitely. And it’s a compiled language! Let me show you a compiler command of MinGW that would suit you:

g++ main.cpp -o helloworld 

Then you can run:


But don’t forget you need to make sure that you specify the directory, because MinGW can be in a different location.