Can PHP be used for other backend apps besides forms?

I know that PHP is usually for form submission and things like that, but is it possible to make other applications like anonymous message boards, multiplayer games, and more backend apps?

I know quite a lot more can be accomplished with other backend languages like node, express, python, etc; But I was just wondering.


what node and python can for back-end web developement, PHP can do to.

This forum could have been written in PHP (its not). The boxes you type the questions and answers are just forms

sure, there are a lot of dynamic components and even websockets used for this forum, but most back-end language could do this (golang, rust, php, python, ruby, java, C# and more)

for multiplayer games performance becomes a lot more important, so then I wouldn’t use PHP, but c++ I think. Or maybe C or rust? Not entirely sure, I think it will also very between projects.

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Okay thanks for the info.
That does make sense.