Can not view Course or Lesson - Loads blank page

When I try to access my course and resume learning, is loading a completely blank page. It’s only happening when it tries to load a course/lesson so I can access the rest of the site (evidently).

I’m using Google Chrome but I’ve tried Firefox and Edge, yet I’m getting the same problem. I have also tried resetting my course progress, as well as the native settings in each of my browsers and removing/disabling add-ons, all to no avail. I’m not sure what the problem could be.

Any ideas please? I bet it’ll be something blindingly and embarrassingly obvious. Hopefully :thinking:!

All I see no matter where I log in.


Same here dude I think someone made an oopsie

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And there it is, the blindingly obvious truth I hoped for! Thanks for the swift response.

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It should be fixed now. Everything is up and working for me.

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