Can I use this code to check for two dogs I want?

How to check two element in a list? i try to add one on dog-i-want, use break, it only print one result, not use break it continue to the rest.

dog_breeds_available_for_adoption = ['french_bulldog', 'dalmatian', 'shihtzu', 'poodle', 'collie']
dog_breed_I_want = ['dalmatian','poodle']

for breed in dog_breeds_available_for_adoption:
  if breed in dog_breed_I_want:
    print("They have the dog I want!")

The only time we need to use break is in situations where we believe or know that there will be a run-on. That means a requisite state is not changing and we have an infinite loop.

At the start of a loop we need to know the break condition; that is, we need to know the state that will permit termination of the loop when all else fails.