Can I use tabs for my indentation rather than two spaces?

although a heading before a paragraph is very common, because it make sense. If you look at a page, having a paragraph at the very top and a heading below looks a bit weird.

we can nest the heading before the div, or nest the heading 3 divs deep. This is all fine, there are no rules here

the divs are merely there for you to divide and style the page.

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I agree, I’m a bit old school and tabs were what I used, i never heard of the space method till today. Old habits die hard.

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Oh, thanks for the multiple tab tip!

thanks that was helpful

Here tabulation refer to the tabulation key (also known as tab key), a key on a computer keyboard used to insert an horizontal tab character, that is to say an horizontal space (which is equal to a predefined number of spaces) used to align text or data. Initially, ‘tabulation’ mean ‘to arrange data into a table’ and you do that by using space. The tab key is basically a shortcut for that.
Wikipedia - Tab key

I don’t think it really matters. But if you ask me, I would prefer the tab button since you only have to press it once, unlike the space button where you have to press it twice. It makes witting code faster. For instance, I can press the tab button and move on with the rest of my code. At the end I think it really comes down to preference.

I would prefer tab as well, and I used like this. But I can imagine, that if your code is huge and complex, with tab your run out of width easier than two spaces… I guess.