Can I unset my weekly target completely?


I really don’t want or need the feature weekly target. But there seems to be no option to turn it off. Can there be a way to set your weekly target to 0 or just get rid of it completely?


From what I see, there is no way to turn it off. I highly recommend setting it at 1. Then you just need to log in to Codecademy and it’ll go away.

we’ll ask around and find out! But yeah, I looked at my settings and I think setting it to 1 per week is your best bet right now

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Hello @silvith,

Once you set a weekly target, you can reset it via goal settings. But “unsetting” is not an option yet.

My team has worked on this feature, and I would like to ask you a clarifying question to understand the needs better. Why do you want to unset/get rid of it?


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Hi @tubaozkan,

It’s not always possible for me to study every week, for several reasons. some of them are mental health related. If I login and am confronted with the fact that I will not meet my weekly target, or haven’t met it weeks in a row, this can be very detrimental to my motivation and self-esteem.

I know I’m not unique in this. That is why I think it’s important to offer people the option to not see targets or have to set them at all.

Hopefully this answers your question.