Can I 'str' 'Monty Python' to a string, then print it? Thanks


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Strings and Console Output


Would someone tell me why I can’t?


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There’s nothing in python allowing you to write

monty python

This isn’t a thing, there’s no way to read this, it doesn’t mean anything.
So the question then is what you meant to do, which is represent text.
Next up you can look for information on how to represent text in python. A good place to find this would be to look up an example of something that prints a message, like a hello world program – it has to represent hello world

More generally, you have to use the things that do exist, combine them to make things happen. (As opposed to writing something and hoping python understands it)

In order to convert something to a string, you already need to have a value, and monty python isn’t anything at all, so you can’t turn it into a string. And, because there is syntax for entering strings directly into code, there’s no need to convert them to string.

Alternatively, if you had no value at all, you could use something that does create a string for you, but if you have no value then you also have no way of communicating what letters there should be in the string.

empty_string = str()


Thank You Very Much! Your answer is very logical, so I know what the problem is. :star_struck:


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