Can I start over?


I am getting lost and confused and I was wondering if there was any way I could just start the Build "Rock, Paper, Scissors" section over???


Not by wiping the entire section of the code you've written.

What I did when I wanted to go back and run the learning exercises again is just reset it each time I clicked into it. It sounds tedious, but honestly it's just a single mouse click and it wipes all of your code clean. Sounds much worse than it actually is.


That's not what I'm wanting. I not only want a clean code, I also want the instructions back from the beginning of this because I am just lost at this point not knowing where I messed up my code. Is there any way I can do this???


Maybe I'm not understanding, then? You can go back to any lesson you want by clicking all the way in the bottom left corner of your screen..there's a menu pop-up that allows you to revisit the previous lessons. Once you open that lesson, you can hit the "reset code" button to clear your code and reset it to whatever was in there at the start of the lesson (such as the //comments left by the system). And obviously, the instructions would still be on the left, since it's the original lesson....then when you finish inputting the code and press "Save & Submit Code", it evaluates it, returns an error if there is one, otherwise gives you the green light and moves you on to the next section. Again, you would select "Reset Code" and repeat the entire process again....