Can I skip the Off-Platform Project: Reggie's Linear Regression and Jupyter Notebooks sections


I am taking the course on python 3 strictly for my own pleasure and because I want to work with things like
the Raspberry Pi that requires programs to be written in python. In short I am not intending to use any skills
I master in my job. I’ve reached the section on Off-Platform Project: Reggie’s Linear Regression and Jupyter Notebooks and at first glance really don’t see that these are sections are important or relevent to my needs.
My only concern is if I skip them now, will there be things in the following sections that will either refer to or require knowledge from these sections. Anyone know whether I can skip this section and continue on the following
ones, Thanks in advance for any help.


The projects are purely for you, to either consolidate knowledge, form a portfolio or both. If you don’t want to do them, it won’t affect the rest of the course.

Thanks for the quick response

Jerry H

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