Can I See Your References?---error-It looks like your sayJob() method does not properly log 'Hi, I work as a [job]' to the console


what is the error in this code ??
var james = {
job: "programmer",
married: false,
sayJob: function(job) {
// complete this method
this.job = job;
console.log("Hi, I work as a "+ this.job);

// james' first job

// change james' job to "super programmer" here
james.sayJob("super programmer");

// james' second job


First of all, you must call the function sayJob for James's first job (which is programmer). In order to do this you must change
Next, you must change James's job to super programmer like this;
james.job = "super programmer";
Finally, you must call the function sayJob like I showed you. Don't change James's job to teacher!