Can I revisit these exercises later if I need a refresher?


Can I revisit these exercises later if I need a refresher?


Yes! Any exercise on Codecademy can be revisited at any time, so long as you have access to it and have completed the material up to that point. Sometimes we may update courses as well, so you may want to go back through and see the fancy new content!
Any time you want to revisit an exercise, you can reset it using either the reset spinning arrow button, to the right of the Run button, or you can press Get Help in the bottom right and select “I want to restart this exercise”.


Its great to be offered the opportunity to revisit, and reset exercises.
It would be even greater if you could provide a linkable list to all the exercises including titles of each exercise to find quickly what topic one wants to revisit - thanks for all your efforts with this course - its great fun!


You can do that. You just simply have to go to the course you are doing and press the module you want to do do again. Then inside the module choose the lection you want to retake again.

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Great to hear! Slicing lists & strings is the most confusing item yet - nice to hear we can re-visit this.