Can i reuse techniques i've learnt from codecademy


Can i reuse all the technics and source code i've learnt with codecademy to create and sell websites ? Thank you in advance


Yes, of course you can, what would otherwise be the point of learning all this? codecademy only teaches basic, you will need to learn more.

You can create html and css files on your computer using a text-editor (windows has notepad by default), which isn't very good, you can download notepad++, or sublime text, or even something else to make html and css files


Absolutely! Although as @stetim94 stated, Codecademy only really teaches the basics of HTML and CSS, so you will need to learn more eventually, but yes, you can use everything on here for your own websites, so long as you don't forget the lovely company Codecademy that taught you to code!


I'm doing JQuery now,
so you can create and sell websites with all the tehnics ?
Oh that's great :smile:
I find courses on this website are superb :smiley:


Well, you will first need to learn quit a bit more, and you don't really sell websites, you need to design websites for clients. But then yes, you can do that