Can I remove my history with a section?

I’m trying to remove my history of the CSS section “Learn Responsive Design” within the section “Making a Website Responsive.” I have worked through this section before, but unfortunately I was too hasty and didn’t retain the knowledge. Now I’m coming across this section again in a learning path and want to treat the section as if I haven’t seen it before, but it seems like I can’t forget history of targeted sections, only a whole learning path.

It would be cool to toggle history on lessons, sections, projects, or paths.

Maybe I’m missing something.
Otherwise, I’m loving Codecademy so far!

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Unfortunately, I believe there isn’t any functionality right now that allows you to reset only certain sections of a course. You can either reset the entire course by going to the Syllabus page of that course, or you can reset individual exercises by clicking the Reset button on each exercise (should be next to the Run button).

The reset for individual exercises will do. Glad I asked, thanks.

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