Can I really learn to code?

I am so worried that I am only able to complete the projects because of the help,
I’m worried I cant’t do it on my own!

Welcome to the forums!

Practice & repetition is key when learning to code (or anything). Break down what you’re learning into more digestible bits of information. Do you take notes by chance? Sometimes that helps to see what you’re learning written in your own words.

You’re learning a new language and you can’t expect to know everything all at once. It takes time and continued practice. :slight_smile:


It’s ok that you need help with the projects; in fact most people rely on Google when doing their own projects (I know I do!).


Sometimes online tutorials or videos help too. Learn a little bit everyday, you’ll get there.


I had also felt that i could not do coding but if you do at least 30 mins a day coding you will get the hang of it.