Can I program a raspberry pi of any model by the knowledge of Python I have gained from this site?

I recently got an interest in working with Raspberry Pi. I know that I have to use python for programming it but I am not sure whether I can use the knowledge and skills of python I have gained from this site to program it or not. Therefore, I will be glad to know whether I can do so or not.


A raspberry pi is just a mini-computer, python is not the only language you can use.

The biggest difference between the raspberry pi and a normal computer is the GPIO pins, which you can use to power small rotor motors and stuff like that. This can be programmed in python (and C, and probably more)

The python course will help, but you do need to learn something about GPIO pins and hardware as well.

From where can I learn about them?

books, online resources. I am sure there is plenty of information out there