Can I make the text smaller


The word I'm using is to big and It needs to be smaller


You can't make it smaller in the exercises but you can if you want to create a Codebit or run your code from your computer or a web server.

You may find this interesting:


I read the reply, but cannot duplicate it. I'd like to change the font size to allow me to see "The Leaning Tower of Pisa". Is it possible for you to list the whole code so that I can see where my error is? Thank you!


Do you have the code running successfully but without the font size changes? Can you link us to the code?


Thank you for your response.
Is this helpful?


Having it running online would be better for me. Have you found the Codebits section here at Codecademy yet?

On the main Codecademy site,

  • go to your Profile
  • scroll down to Browse All Projects
  • click in there and then use the NEW CODBIT button
  • after you have your codebit running, post a link to it here


Thank you for your patience. I'm very new to coding. Here is my link: TheLeaningTowerOfPisa. Even the large picture is not seen unless you click on the link. So now I need help with how to have the image appear (without needing to click on a link) and how to change the width and height of the image. Thank you.


Thank you for the Codebit!

This is happening because you haven't included the full path to the image:

<img src="The_Leaning_Tower_of_Pisa_SB.jpeg">

The full path is required:

<img src="">

I don't see how this codebit of yours is related to the Animate Your Name exercise. Maybe I don't understand where you are going with this.


Oh, sorry. I am working on 2 coding projects. With each one, I am having problems diminishing size. So, for the first one I sent, after the correction, the image is still huge. The URL is

For the Bubble Animation, when I cut and paste the code from the lesson into Codebit, it didn't work. The URL is If you can help me to get that functioning, that would be helpful. After that, I would like the entire phrase "The Leaning Tower of Pisa" to fit.

Again, I appreciate your assistance.


When I looked at your code, you had your JavaScript in your HTML file and none of the links that you need to make this work were in your index.html file.

Here is a working version:

The next step will be to remove the bubbles.js link and add your bubbles.js code to script.js so that you can make changes to it.


It's huge, because it really is huge. If you want to change the size add a height="300" attribute to the img element.