Can I make a website or app or OS with C++ or C

Hello, can I make a app or website or even a OS with C/C++ without converting that code into some othere languege?
This qusetion is not any exercise. I was just curious.

Hi @netslayer62254 ,

The simplest answer is it depends, here are some of the examples you listed:

Websites: Not really, unfortunately websites most commmonly use HTML/CSS and JavaScript - while it might be technically possible, they aren’t ideal languages for web dev.
Apps: Definately, yes, C/C++ can (and are) used for app development, both on desktop and on mobile.
OS’s: Again, yes definately, while it often needs a complementary very low level language like Assembly, C/C++ are pretty much the best languages for OS dev imo.


Programs are rarely written in a single language (Especially something as complex as an Operating System). For example for the Linux kernel we can see that the majority is C:


but some other languages are mixed in (source)

@lyallstewart is right, I would like to add the following things:

there is web assembly, which allows you to execute code at native speed. Here C or C++ could be used, but again, web assembly can also work together with JavaScript

Websites these days also have back-ends, you could write your back-end in C++, this gives very good performance but increases development time. With languages like Python, ruby, rust or php (+frameworks) you get slightly lesser performance but your development time is very likely less.

After learning a couple of languages, or more importantly, learning programming concepts, learning a new language becomes easier given programming languages share a lot of concepts

so then its more important to pick the right tool/programming language for the job, then the other way around

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Ok, thanks for the reply I’ll try to make the front-end with JS or Python3 and back-end with C/C++ or PHP. :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: