Can I make a new project?

I am new to Codecademy and don’t know very much about how things work. Does anyone know if I can make a new coding project? Thanks!

Hello @marleeremington46895 :grinning:

A project is an excellent idea!! It is a great way to practice your skills, and learn new ones.
While working on a project there may be any number of new challenges you learn to solve.

If you have a pro account there are many projects you can do as a part of Codecademy depending on what course you are taking.

If you don’t than you could make your own project on your own computer. All you need is a text editor, and the compiler for the language you are using.

If you don’t already have a text editor I would recommend either Sublime Text or Visual Studio Code:

You could then share your project with the community using something like GitHub.

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Thanks @8-bitgaming, I found a good site and I was able to start a project successfully. Thanks, your message really helped me!

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