Can I let someone use my account to do a course without resetting my progress?

Hello! I was just wondering if there is any way that I can let someone else do a course I’ve already completed on my account without deleting all my progress? If not, will resetting my progress delete my certificate of completion? Thanks in Advance!

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Yes, you can retake modules without resetting the entire course, but the code you’ve written the first time around will be automatically loaded there. You can reset the entire course from the course page or individual exercises using the Reset button at the bottom of the code editor (next to the Run button).

If you reset a lesson/quiz/project, then complete it, a new certificate will be generated with the new date. I’m not sure if resetting the course in its entirety will delete your certificate, but you can always download your certificate before doing so (go to My Profile) so that you have a copy of it with the original date.

You may also want to double-check the terms about the usage of someone else’s account.


Ok, thanks! One more question, if I completed a course, then someone completed it after me (without resetting the entire course), will Codecademy save two Certificates or just the most recent? Thanks again!

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Only the most recent certificate will be available, so be sure to download the old one first! Note that a new certificate will be generated whenever a lesson/quiz/project is recompleted. The entire course doesn’t have to be completed again for a new certificate to be generated, since the other modules have already been “completed” the first time around.