Can I learn enough about programming in 3 months to get freelance work?


Hi there,
as the title says, i want to learn programming as fast as i can because i am unemployed and i am also a father of two. I have finished college, but my country is in period of transition and there isnt any work for me. On the other hand, there is a great need for IT experts.


It depends if jobs are available in 3 months. You could probably if you put quite a few hours into it, you could learn enough, and if you learn the right languages.

I hope this helps =)


Whitch languages are right to learn? I started with python 2.


I shouldn’t be giving any advice in either direction here.
But let me point out that you’re unlikely to guess what an employer wants, perhaps the only chance to that happening is to learn that job on that job itself.


Perhaps try doing some volunteer work coding. This can be anything from building a web site for a nonprofit to helping manage a database. I think employers want experience… and volunteering is a great way to do that. There are tons of starving artists out there that would love to have a website built for them… sometimes they will even trade you product for your time. Good Luck! I hope this helps a little.


Thanx guys! I am aware that experience whit a lot of practice is necessary for good work. I had in mind something like payd practice (not much payd of course). Volunteering is also good but i dont had too much time too be without pay. All your advices are valuable, and thanx again!