Can i have projects goals?

can i have the goals of the projectsn in cs path?
i mean instead insruct me step by step, i want the goal of the progeram , all the thing it need to do, and to think alone how to build it? ), for the projects not lessons…does it exist?
thanks a lot

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hey i didn’t get any reply so i will try to explain myslef. i love the site and i want to go deeper with python. but my problem in the classes, that i feel i never think enough, for example, i want the exercise of buliding queues, with all the goals, and all the methods it soppouse to have inside, instead show me step by step how to write the methods, i will need to think how it need to be done.
can i have help from the stuff here to get it?
than i will only study the theory and will build it alone, and if it won’t work i will use the steps

thanks a lot