Can i have help in Python? Please. Its not a big one but how do you update time while the program is running. My program shows time when from when the program is run, but does not update if you ask it again

I wrote a program but I stumbled upon a problem. It involves Time. The program shows the time when the code has started. not when the function is called or when it is printed. Do you guys know how to change this problem? I will be very thankful if you can answer

You’re probably using a single time value rather than asking for a new one, maybe if you did the same thing as you did to first obtain it?

how to like ask for new one?

You might have better luck if you post this in the python forum.

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If you are using the datetime module than simply do the same thing you did to get the original time, and save it to a new variable, or overwrite the first variable.