Can I get the Certificate of CSS and HTML, from the Web Development path?

Can I get the Certificates for these?. Also for those who chose and completed the web developement path, how long did you guys took it? what was the fastest time? and any tips to finish it fast and efficiently?

Hi, welcome to the forums.

The Codecademy Help Center states that certificates will only be awarded for the Path, and not for any courses which you may complete along the way.

You might be able to obtain the certificates for the constituent courses by resetting part of them (i.e. resetting a lesson) and re-doing it. No guarantees that this will work, though. :slight_smile:

I will never understand the obsession with speed from those who come here to ostensibly learn.

If your focus is on how quickly you can get through the material, I’d wager that it is at the expense of comprehension or understanding. How quickly you get to the end of the course or Path is irrelevant, if at the end you cannot accurately and repeatably apply the content.

Accept that either a) you may take a while to complete your chosen material, but will come out at the other end with a reasonable grasp of it if you put the time and effort in or b) you may blitz through the material, but will come out at the other end lacking in some areas because you declined to put enough time into it.

Whilst I am sure there are some exceptions to this, everything I’ve seen from learners who come here to the forum asking questions tells me I’m right 98% of the time.


I will never understand the obsession with speed from those who come here to ostensibly learn.

because i’ve just earned the scholarship for 3 months only, and I don’t think I will complete it on time. With many things happening in my life (i.e. online studying, errands at home) to do while learning this online. I’m just worried that with all the things that I’ve done and accomplished I can’t somewhat get a proof of my accomplishments that I somehow learned basic HTML and CSS.

Maybe if my Pro expired, that will be the time the certs will be available???

I recommend you check the catalog and find the HTML and CSS courses. If you complete a course you will be awarded a certificate for that completed course. But like @thepitycoder said, you won’t be getting a certificate from completing parts of the Web Dev Path.

I’d wager that you’d be considered rather more favourably by having a portfolio site or a body of work available somewhere like GitHub than you would be if all you had was a “certificate of completion” and an unsubstantiated claim that you “know” HTML/CSS.

Any tech employer with half an ounce of sense these days uses technical tests to make sure people haven’t exaggerated too badly on their resume. Applying what you learn here to something like a portfolio site or online resume page will help solidify your understanding, not only demonstrating that you can do what you claim but also helping it stick in your mind for the inevitable tech test. :slight_smile:

Actually, as I understand the present system, if you’re not a Pro subscriber you can’t earn the certificates - this is because, as non-Pro users don’t have access to the quizzes and projects, you can’t achieve 100% completion.

You can continue to access certificates already earned without the Pro subscription, but I don’t believe you can gain new ones.