Can i get help on the Game Logic Pt. I project

so i’m stuck in this project, i guess its because mainly i’m not a native English i’m finding it personally hard to understand what the task wants from me
exercise link:-

and i’m stuck on this task number 7

"Calculate a random number between 0 and max

Use the result from task 6 to calculate a random number between 0 and max (the parameter you pass into generateRandomNumber() ) and save it to a local double variable."

i still can’t get what does it want from me

this is my code so far:-

public class MainActivity {

// Add generateRandomNumber() here
public double generateRandomNumber(double max){
 double random = Math.random();
 return random;
// Add getGameOverMessage() here


can anyone explain how i do what the task wants from me ?

I think they just want you to make a random number and save into some local variable.

double some_local_variable = generateRandomNumber(someMaxNumber)

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thanks a lot for the help, appreciate it!