Can I get any help?


Hello guys, I am a newbie and I don't know most of the things yet. I tried to check my code is formatted correctly as some of you guys suggested. When I highlighted my code and clicked Ctrl+Alt+C, that box shows up. I don't know what it means. What am I supposed to do next? Can I get any explanation? I will appreciate. Thanks.


What is your problem exactly? You seem to be taking the Python course, but you're examining the web page. I don't really understand.


You have opened the inspect element interface. This is distinct to the Chrome browser, though you can also download an extension to do it. The box you have opened has no relationship with Codecademy. You can open it on any website and it will simply show you what code the page is built of.


I now get it. Thanks a lot


Hi @husmyat94,

Compare your output with the one given in the sample in instructions. The contrasting problem should be distinctly visible.