Can I get a job or any of these certification after completing Computer science Pro path?

My aim is to get a job as a python programmer. Will the Computer science pro path help?
Could I get any of these certification after completing it:
If yes then which ones would be possible?
Or should I try some other course?


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This path covers most of the topics mentioned in the PCEP – Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer Certification: Exam Syllabus. In order to cover all the topics, you would have to read a few articles from the documentation.


Can you specify what topics are not covered? And what do you mean by documentation?

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Documentation ->

I can try, but please note that this might not be completely accurate. Starting from the top of the syllabus:

  • compilation
  • numeral systems
  • bitwise operators
  • accuracy of floating-point numbers
  • formatting print
  • some topics from strings in detail point
  • afaik this path does not cover generators in Python

Do you know of any courses I can take to complete the missing topics? Are the individual python topics offered by codecademy (like python 3) covered in computer science path?

Not really. I would simply study the documentation.

I don’t know if I understood correctly your question. Most of the topics covered in the Learn Python 3 course are also covered by the Computer Science Path.

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I was asking if the computer science path is missing some python topics that might be available elsewhere on codecademy.

Yes, there are Python-related topics which are covered in courses that are not part of the computer science path.