Can I download my completion certificate?

I just finished the Web Developer Career Path (wahey! Beer’s in the fridge…) and got to the page where I can view my certificate - is there a way to download it? Would be nice to have it as a PDF or something to easily send to prospective employers etc.

Also, when I click the ‘View Certificate’ link the certificate pops up but the top of the image is chopped off by the navigation bar! Is fixing this one final challenge…?

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Congrats!! :partying_face:

Yep try here:

Go to your CC Profile > view certificates> and then click on the certificate to download.

Thanks, that was the page I was on but I didn’t know there was a print button, had to fiddle around with the zoom settings in Firefox to get the full certificate window to show properly on the page. Got it now though!

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Ah, good to know! You’ve helped others now. :slight_smile:
I was in Chrome. (I don’t really use FF)

Speaking of which, same thing happens on Chrome for me. It’d be nice if Codecademy just resized the pop up so it fits within the window rather than have us users zoom in/out.

Hm, that’s odd. I just tried it and didn’t have to zoom or anything. It fit in the window.

Could be a monitor/display size issue maybe? I’m on a 13" MacBook

Yep, looks like it’s working now. Should have checked, my bad (I based my comment above on when I tried to access my certificates a couple of weeks ago).

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