Can I donate to Codecademy?

is there a feature to donate to codecademy??? I’d like to know so in the future i can donate to help codecademy make more courses. :smile:

If you are finsihed with the courses, you should somehow try to make your own game or website or any challenege without instructions. As of now im preety sure there isnt any donating service

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@amanuel2 is correct, there are currently no ways to donate, but you could consider going Pro. Pro costs money, so you could give back by paying for that, and you also get special perks, only for Pro users, so you can give Codecademy money, and benefit from it yourself.

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As @jibblyj pointed out, the best way to “support us” is to pay for Pro! We do not accept donations. Thanks so much for your support! :smile: You’re awesome.

Thank you, and Happy Learning!
-Codecademy Community Manager